Our Health Guarantee


• Above puppy has been found to be in good health.

• Above puppy is up to date on its immunizations and dewormed.

• Above puppy has been vet checked with no concerns found.

• To have AKC forward papers directly to buyer.

At the time of sale, this dog/puppy is considered and being sold as pet quality. Heartstring Kennels offers no guarantee that

disqualifying faults will not arise at a later date which would make this puppy unsuitable for the show ring or for breeding.

72 Hour Health Guarantee: (1-year replacement guarantee)

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of delivery.

The buyer agrees to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup (excluding Sundays and


If the puppy is found to be in unacceptable health, a written statement from the veterinarian should be forwarded to the seller and

the puppy should be returned within 72 hours (at buyer’s expense) for a replacement.


• To have above puppy vet checked within 72 hours of pickup.

• That all vet bills are the responsibility of the buyer.

• This dog is not to be used for breeding under any circumstances. Any breeding, even accidental, voids all guarantees.

• To notify the breeder if they can no longer care for the puppy/dog, puppy/dog will be returned to the breeder at no cost to the

breeder. This puppy cannot be transferred to a third party without written consent from the breeder.

• This contract applies to the original buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party.

• Buyer agrees to inform breeder of any health issues that might arise in said puppy so breeder can work to eliminate them from the

breed. Buyer’s agree to forward vet statements to the breeder explaining these health issues.

• If the puppy should pass away for any reason an autopsy MUST be performed at buyers’ expense and results forwarded to

breeder within 15 days.


If the above dog should develop a severe genetic disease before its first birthday and can no longer function as a Pet/Companion

Animal the breeder will replace at no charge with a comparable puppy. The dog will be replaced either from the same litter of from a

future litter. A proper letter from the vet stating the problem found and the vet's opinion on the viability of the animal must be sent to

the seller within 15 days of diagnosis. The seller will have the final say on whether the original puppy must be returned or not. All

the vet bills and returned shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer and will not be accepted by the breeder.

This guarantee does not include uneven bites, un-dropped testicles or umbilical hernia.

Unless otherwise specified, all vet bills for corrective surgery, cosmetic surgery, shots and normal health care, euthanasia,

spay/neuter and also shipping are the responsibility of the buyer.

Buyer gives permission for breeder to contact buyer’s veterinarian to discuss any health issues that may arise in this puppy to aid in

improving health in future generations of Heartstring Kennels ______________ (Buyer initial here).